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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  May 12, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> we're following some breaking news this morning two, people rushed to the hospital after a roll over accident. that's your top stories. >> today marks somber anniversary of the deadly amtrak dane derail until the northeast philadelphia. and the family in delaware talking to teenagers there, after some speculation that there is retaliation going on on social media, we'll have more on that coming up in just a second. but first, good day everyone. it is may 12th, 2016, thanks for waking up with us. and as you're out there this morning, driving to work, perhaps, when you come to a fork in the road, sue, take it. >> okay, thank you. >> it is the birthday of yogy today. >> oh, i thought that was. >> i'm getting day gentleman zoo all over again. >> you know, no one goes to that restaurant any more. it is too crowded. >> too crowded. all right, we've got a lock at radar. i wonder how yogy would do a
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weather forecast. we'll have to just imagine. there are a couple of tiny areas of green. which just indicates some cloud cover around this morning. the rain is casino of out of here for a day, anyway, so we'll enjoy 57 degrees with just 5-mile per hour wind out of the southwest. relative humidity is at 89%. so maybe not the best hair day. 5:48 is your sunrise time, but with these lovely long days, well, they are lovely in the long department, but we haven't seen too much sunshine that could change today. starting off 52 degrees in trenton, 50 in reading, we have 57 in wilmington, and dover, 57 degrees atlantic city, just a smidge milder than it was yesterday at this time with some of our temperatures in the 40's, plan on being in the mid 60s by 9:00. some clouds, lingering, but we will see sunshine emerge by lunchtime. we're in the 70s, with 71 degrees, and should top off at about 75 for our high temperature for the day.
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sunset, 8:07. so, this is a nights day. tomorrow, maybe not so much. at least part of the day. we will time out those thunderstorms for friday, coming up in the seven day forecast. bob kelly, good morning. >> good morning, sue. 5:02, got to enjoy today while we can on a thursday, also, national nurse's day. >> oh, really? >> today. >> anybody, temperature check. >> there you go. good morning, everybody, live look at the schuylkill expressway, headlights, coming into downtown, no problems at all into or out of the city on the schuylkill. the overnight work, on the vine expressway, pick up, and gone, looking good, on i-95, the overnight construction, again, for the most part pick up and ready to go as we get started. now, an over night accident knocked the traffic light out. at easton and horsham. just off of the willow grove interchange, an accident, northbound on the boulevard, at red lion, now, that is in the outer drive, and as we pull that parachute cord, and jump on down on to the northeast extension, still a work crew northbound. that whole construction zone,
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lansdale, into quakertown, up to the lehigh vale, just look out. they moved everything little further north now. good morning to welcome to philly. dad vail regatta rose into town today. they'll bring in all of the boats, all of the buses, the trailers, they'll be setting up the tents along the schuylkill river, and then the race is actually occur tomorrow and saturday. bottom line, a loft extra activity, and a lot of visitors coming into town, beginning today, for the big event. also, it is nascar weekend down at the dover speedway. we will see a lot of volume into and out of the speedway beginning today, through sunday, otherwise mass transit at the moment, looking good. chris, lauren, back to you. >> thanks so much. today marks one year since amtrak train derailed in northeast philadelphia, killing eight people, injuring 200 others. the new york bound train hit sharp curve at 106 miles an hour, more than twice the speed limit. this morning, we remember that deadly crash. it has not only impacted our area but the nation, and federal investigators are preparing to meet about what happened.
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>> steve keeley joins us live from port richmond with the latest on this, those federal investigators set to meet in less than a week, right, steve? >> reporter: on tuesday getting together down in washington, a lot will be taking a train right past the spot where we are right now where we were a year ago tonight and it is known as the frankford curvement and we just saw our first amtrak train of the morning, going by here, headed northbound, just like train 188 was last year and the big difference was the train here was essentially crawling going ten, 15 miles an hour, maximum. last year, train 188 was going 166, more than double the speed limit through here, and since then investigators have not come out so far and blamed the engineer, like they may do on tuesday, but all the civil lawsuits, all of the lawyers, and all of the survivors certainly blame him. >> how can you just not remember? how can you drive a train at
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106 miles an hour and not know what you are doing? >> many of our client are very upset. that mr. bostian has this sudden memory loss. >> we are skeptical when people, all of a sinned, have amnesia. >> i think that mr. hewett and the other victims of this derailment are going to be very upset to learn that mr. bostian's testimony has changed regarding what he remembers. i think that is adding injury to injury. >> well, all he did remember, according to the testimony that was redeveloped in public documents, was hit that accelerator switch in the up position, and then realizing he was going too fast, going into the curve, and then braking. not only reduce the speed from 106 down to 102. so far, with a was ruled out, was mechanical error, nothing was mechanically wrong with the train. all the signals on the tracks were working a-okay, and the track itself was in fine shape. so that leaves one last thing,
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chris, lauren, human error as the focus, and likely will finally get the federal investigators' opinion on why they think this happened on tuesday down in washington. >> and at some point perhaps compel him to talk and tell us what he remembers, if anything more. all right, steve, thank you. >> philadelphia police searching foreman who escaped custody from pen presbyterian, taken to the hospital just after midnight. while being treated, the suspect was able to escape custody. he was last seen on 38th street, right now, police continue to search for him. >> you got see. >> this horrific crash sends two people to the hospital. the accident involving multiple vehicles. one even flipped over. >> this happened just after 1:00 this morning on ridge and midvale avenues. you can see from the video one carcass flipped over. another had damage to the drivers side. pieces of debris from the car scattered all across the street, both victims taken to the hospital to temple. no word as to what caused the crash. >> and two more people hurt in another accident earlier this morning, between a car and attacks i. >> this happened around
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2:00 this morning, on 13th and girard. both people taken to hahnemann hospital in stable condition. no word on what caused that crash. >> keep the peace. that's the message from the family of delaware teenage here died after a bathroom beating inside her school. >> that heartfelt plea, two teenage student after threat of retaliation circulate on social media. dave kinchen, what's going on in wilmington this morning? >> reporter: well, that's a big question, whether there are threat on so many media that could lead to another incident here at the howard high school of technology, a big fear here after the death of amy francis joiner. now, more concerns of pay-back for the 16 year old's death. community, and religious leaders say they met after hearing rumors and hearing threats of more violence here at the high school. this after three girls at the school were charged in the school bathroom assault, leading to amy's death. only one was charged with criminally neglect homicide, which carries maximum of eight years in prison, two others with lesser charges of
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conspiracy, while specific threats have not been stated some have brought out outrage to social media, saying, those charges don't go far enough. and that's prompting a call for calm. >> social media is not your friends. the lives, the rumors, social media, they live longer than they should. and they do more damage than we node them to do. so we ask you that those who are listening to this, make sure that those who are on social media, they get this message: that we don't condone retaliation. if you are doing something in the name of amy, do it in love. do it to build. >> amy died 90 minutes after that assault, and the three girls charged in this case have not been back in school since this whole incident happened. investigators say social media posts were a large part of their initial investigation, and now, as you heard, there,
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wilmington leaders are hoping that social media does not play a role in any more threats because after fear of pay-back, back to you. >> all right, dave kinchen, thank you so much. >> philadelphia police right now looking for the woman they say hit a man with a car, the city's powelton neighborhood, then took off. >> this happened just after 8:00 last night, police tell us, the victim is a 27 year old drexel graduate. he ended up with only few scrapes and bruises, officers say the driver stopped her maroon older model mini-van. checked out the victim, then left. if you know anything, call police. >> the search is on for suspicious man who police say inapropriately grabbed a woman in center city. the woman said she was wacking down rodman street when man riding a bike grabbed her from behind. all happened tuesday night around 11:30, half block away from the third police district substation for south street. authorities warn they don't know what he might do next. >> this can happen anywhere. live in the sit. people do dumb and bad thing. you have go got to be alert
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and aware. >> bummer, already looking out, because i know better. i've lived in philly for a long time. >> the street is well lit. but there are no visible surveillance pictures. >> assaulting the mother of one every his young patients, prosecutors say it happened at exam room at lehigh valley hospital, jared of ex tore township, facing indecent assault charges according to the woman the doctor inapropriately touched and straddled her during a appointment with her child. pattern no longer in practice at the hospital pending outcome of the investigation. >> gloucester county new jersey woman was supposed to be helping crime victims instead she is accused of stealing from them. prosecutors have charged the former executive director, philadelphia's crime victim services east division, with theft and receiving stolen property. the attorney general's office says stephanie mayweather used the agency's checking account at restaurant, grocery stores, gas stations, even used it to pay tuition at an university. in all, prosecutors say, see
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stole more than $15,000 of that agency's money. >> that american airlines pilot accused of being drunk gets his case postponed. hearing for john mcguire was supposed to take place yesterday. he is charged with operating under the influence. in march, a philadelphia bound flight from detroit was delayed when authorities discovered mcguire's blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit to fly an airplane. his attorney says he is seeking treatments at center in california. no word on when that case will resume, when it does, we'll let you know. meantime there is chester county mother admitted doing the unthinkable has learn her fate. police say jessica lynn riffy injected her 14 year old daughter and another teen with heroin. not once, but several times, last fall. she pleaded guilty to child endangerment charges last week, yesterday, she was sentenced to four and half to ten years in prison. >> coming up on 5:12, still ahead, big manhunt comes to an end. who police say had a temper so out of chrome, he fired shots at another drive on a local
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road. >> this story trending right now on twitter, about george zimmerman. what he is planning to do with the gun he used to shoot and kill trayvon martin.
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>> major weather problems, in the san antonio area.
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>> let's take you further east. severe storms dumped large and the every rain across part every tennessee. flood warnings were issued at several inches of rain fell, triggering major flashflooding. this was yesterday afternoon. water filled low-lying areas and roads, at least dozen resident being forced to flea their homes. >> and in kentucky many homes now destroyed as well as numerous businesses, tornados ripped through the blue grass state, causing significant damage, eyewitnesses say some people extremely lucky there. more severe weather could still be in store for part every central us, as well as sections of north carolina. >> all that damage. my goodness. all right, sue, we get little break from the rain today? >> right. then we get some thunderstorms tomorrow. but we will enjoy today. while it is here. the stationary front that we have been talking about just casino of meandering little bit further north, little further south, all week long, it is inched southward today. high pressure will build in at least for brief time. and give us rain-free day. so, that's a break for a day.
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as we talk about the colds front that will come through after that, and then there is another one that will follow for the afternoon hours on saturday. so, let's talk about where we are right now. some thunder symptom activity you see in missouri there, stretching all the way down through arkansas. not a bother for us today. overnight, we did have a few showers, and few thunderstorms, rumble through. so if you are in the dover, delaware area, where lot of folks coming to town for a nascar weaken, you might notice the grounds is wet when you wake up this morning, of course along the jersey shore where there are two more weekends until memorial day, and they are gearing up. it may and little damp around there, as well. future cast shows, the clouds, mostly staying to our south. we will have some filtered sunshine, at least through the morning hours and then mix every sunday and clouds throughout the rest of the day. we will see decent amount of sunshine at least that's the way it is looking from our future cast. and then through tonight we will stay dry.
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early tomorrow morning, few showers rumble in, in advance of the cold front. so, the timing of the cold front could be early enough so that we will get that phillies game in, and we will get maybe our evening activities in. let's say one, two, 3:00 in the afternoon, start to get noisy tomorrow. and then we're looking at everything leaving us by about 5:00 in the afternoon. saturday, though, another rounds of rain in the afternoon. we start off with sunshine in the morning. then here comes another maybe even some thunderstorms around 4:00 in the afternoon. i will get it out. 57 degrees today. 70 degrees tomorrow with those storms, showers and maybe storm on saturday afternoon. then breezy, much cooler on sunday, we start off with temperatures in the 40's, and end up around 60 degrees. so when we are doing yoga on the art museum steps we may bewaring a little jacket, and little tootsies will get cold on the yoga mats, but it is all for a good cause, living
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beyond breast cancer. that's why we will be there, bob kelly. >> why are you looking at me when you are saying yoga? i signed up for this, did i not know -- actually we're going to dot yoga. >> i'm sure. >> on the steps enough ' never done yoga before. so that will be interesting. >> i want wait to see this. >> there go, bright and early on a sunday. 5:18, hello from philadelphia international airport. here we go. live look at i95 right near the airport, nice pretty sunrise getting ready to kind of blends in there with the background of the skyline. the roosevelt boulevard, little haze here, as you work your way down onto the schuylkill expressway. the turnpike looking good at the moment. left over crew between lansdale and quakertown on the northeast extension, the eastbound schuylkill, no problems at the moment. however, overnight accident, knocked the traffic light out at easton and horsham road. that's right off the willow grove interchange of the pennsylvania turnpike. an accident northbound on the boulevard, northbound, right at red lion, right by northeast airport there in the outer drive.
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and we will pull that parachute cord, and drop on down, into norristown, and then as you head northbound, again, construction on that extension, if you are headed up to the poconos for the weekends, look out, they got new traffic patterns between quakertown and the lehigh valley, and the dad vail regatta takes over the schuylkill river and the kelly drive. the teams arrive today. see the buses, all of the big boats, setting up, so there will be some lane restrictions on the kelly than the races are actually both tomorrow and saturday. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> bob, thank you so much. narnia cured of opening fire on the blue route shooting at another car now in police custody. pennsylvania state police arrested ooh year old anthony richardson of overbrook, investigators say richards son the one who shot at a car last week at i476 in a fit of road rage. a bullet got lodged in another drivers car but no one hurt luckily. required arson has history every anger issues.
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>> in the past, he does have prior road rage habit, did display a firearm at that time. >> right now richardson facing very serious charges including attempted murder. richardson currently in the montgomery county prison on $250,000 bail. >> a chester county man in the hospital and under arrest after prosecutors say he killed his girlfriends, and investigators say, they heard the murder happen, in a audio recording. keith smith, now faces murder charges, prosecutors say his girlfriend, wesley web, had activated a recording app on her phone which captured the shot fired by smith. prosecutors say two living together in phoenixville with three children, they've been fighting, they say, smith shot web on may 2nd, tried, and failed, to kill himself. >> today george zimmerman put the pistol he used to shoot 17 year old trayvon martin up for
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auction. he calls the weapon a piece of american history an on line auction website, bidding started at $5,000. as you know in 2013, zimmerman found guilty of second degree murder, manslaughter in the death of the 17 year old trayvon martin. after the trial he got his gun back. >> yes, so, fox 35, our sister station down in orlando, broke the story. they said they spoke to george zimmerman about the weapon and he quote i recently received it back from the department of justice, you just mentioned, they took it after my trial after i was exonerated. so while they asked him about at the said what i decided to do is not cower. i am a free american. i can do what i want with my possession. so, that's a look at the gun from the trial of course, remember, seeing it the last thing trayvon martin ever saw. >> the auction goes live at 11:00 a.m. >> zimmerman went on to say about people who wouldn't be
5:22 am
interested or upset about it being put up for auction. he says they're not going to bid on it, so i couldn't careless about them. >> all right, we'll have more on the story. still ahead hunt is on foreman escaped from police, what he was in custody for, where he was when police say he slipped away. >> big news coming to the small screen. we break down the new shows coming to fox this fall, and the bick names taking the lead roles. first here is a look at your winning lottery numbers.
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>> exciting news for fox, new shows rolling out this fall. >> so, for sports fans, these guys, show called slow pitch, gifted athletes by the name of jamie, the first to pitch in major league baseball. >> oh, you will tune into that one. >> yes, ma'am. >> making history stars, adam pal i, the pair every friends who discover a way to time travel, have to egg if outweighs to balance the thrill of their discovery maintaining sort of normal life. historical adventure and contemporary comedy about love, friendship, trying it fit into the modern world. make sure you tweet about it. that's the modern world. >> leading lady kate olson, will play blue collar hustler given the opportunity to liver the lifestyle she desiresment
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in the show her estranged sister and billionaire brother-in-law, flea the country on federal charges. the only catch, she must care for her three high maintenance children in order to score their riches. >> all right. >> that's something we can all relate to, right? >> yes, another new show, apb, series start after justin kirk based on true event, send erred around the chicago police department after a rash of high crime and corruption there. a billionaire turns the precinct into a private police stores force. re imaging or re imagining of the classic film turned into psychological thriller, follows two priests taking on the same casings families problems with demonic possessions. academy award winner gina davis, set to star in that. >> such a creepy phil graham still ahead overnight crash sends two people to the hospital. what happened that caused a car to roll over and leave debris scattered all over the roadway. >> plus plea for peace from family members of murder teen.
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retaliation threats now circulating on line.
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>> today marks one year from the deadly train derailment.
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>> the hunt is on foreman who escaped from prison, what he was in custody for, where he was when police say he slipped away overnight. good day everybody it is thursday, may 12th, 2016. all of us talking about one of the big stories trending on twitter with george zimmerman set to auction off the gun he used to shoot trayvon martin back in february of what year was that 2014? i think, yes. very interesting. >> and very controversial. george zimmerman saying a lot politically about it, we'll get into that in just a minute. first we turn to the weather, this thursday morning, sue serio, nice weather ahead. >> yes, and nice to remove the umbrella from bus stop buddy's little hand today. not going to need it it looks like. cross your fingers. the rain moved further to the south. so we have just the fox 29 sweatshirt, nice cap, cloudy, dry, temps mostly in the 50's this morning, and there you see, any rain we dough have from that front has moved
5:31 am
further south. we had little overnight. but it looks like not much. maybe see little bit of green there, in kent county, delaware, but it shouldn't amount to anything, and here in philadelphia, it is dry as well, in fact the sun trying to burn through the clouds again, just like yesterday. official sunrise time coming up 5:48. 57 degrees at the moment. and 42 our chilly spot in mount pocono, at 49 in reading, and 48 in lancaster and everybody else is in the mid 50's, this morning. so, plan on being in the mid 60s, by 9:00. if we get any sunshine. and then talking about a mix every sunday and clouds throughout the rest of the day in the 70s by noon, 75 by 5:00. and that should be our high temperature for the day. sunset time 8:07. so, all of the things you on the wanted to do like maybe mow the lawn, bob kelly, ya, today is your day. >> i'm feeling a little under the weather today. a shame. that today would be the only day to mow that lawn. good morning, everybody, 5:32,
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good morning to you, live look at the schuylkill expressway. kind of hazy out there, on the right, eastbound, look at the difference, out of ten minute here as folks try to head on in toward downtown. good morning rush hour, here, on the 42 freeway, the city, overnight accident, knocked out the traffic lights it, the interchange of the turnpike, and then north on the northeast extension, watch for some new traffic patterns, they're working between lansdale, through q town, all the way up into the lehigh valley, that part of the widening project. and on the turnpike main line, no problems, valley forge, over to philly, schuylkill, as i showed you, looking good so far. one accident on the big board, on the roosevelt boulevard northbound, at red lion, all the bridges look fine, mass transit running with no delays. chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, thank you so much. 5:32, somber anniversary, remembering the deadly amtrak derailment one year ago today.
5:33 am
>> this comes as federal investigators plan to release more finds becomes what led to that deadly crash. steve keeley now live from port richmond where this happened. a year ago today, steve? >> reporter: yes, this is the frankford curve. and it is a lot more well known now beyond this philly neighborhood, it cuts through, known across the country it, will get more national focus, both today, and on tuesday. and that's when the national transportation safety board meets in washington, and where and when the answer may finally be revealed to the big question so far not answer in the this past year. what was the probable cause of the crash here that killed eight, hurt 200, and permanently disable many of those 200, who are forced to remember this every day. why did engineer brandon bostian throttle up to 106 miles an hour, more than double the 50-mile per hour limit here? >> what we've learned is the problem is brandon bostian. and the problem remains his changing story. he remembers accelerating into
5:34 am
the straight away. he remembers applying the brake. he remembers how it tips over, and the actions he took to try to prevent the derailment. >> definitely act the recklessly. i'm fortunate to be alive. there are eight people that weren't. but i will be living with fist cam limitations the rest of my worlds. >> already revealed he wasn't under the influence every drugs or alcohol and his phone was in the turned off mode in a bag, no where near him. and so it, won't be just us and the media at the ntsb meeting down in washington, on tuesday, wait to go hear the conclusion to its year-long investigation, the victims and their lawyers plan to be there, as well. >> chris, lauren? >> philadelphia police are looking for a man who arrested and escaped from pen presbyterian hospital.
5:35 am
he was able to escape custody. now, police are continuing to search for him. >> how about this? horrific crash sends two people to the hospital. the accident involving multiple cars, one flipped over. >> this happened just after 1:00 this morning, at ridge and midvale avenues. you can see, from the video, one car was flipped over, another had damage to the driver side. pieces of debris from all of the cars scattered all across the street, both victims taken to temple hospital. no word as to what caused. >> this. and two more people hurt in another accident earlier this morning between a car and attacks i. this one happening around 2:00 this morning on 13th and girard. both people taken to hahnemann hospital in stable condition. no word as to who caused that crash. >> keep the peace. that is the message from the family of delaware teen who died after a bathroom beating at school. amy joyner francis' parents are reaching out to teenage student after threats of retaliation circulate on social media. her death stirred up more emotions, since charges were filed this week against three teenage classmates. city and religious leaders met after hearing rumors and
5:36 am
threats of more violence, at howard high school. they and relatives of the 16 year old are pleading for peace and calm. >> to those who were on social media, and are claim that they're doing things in retaliation, in amy's name, we're going ask you to please stop that. and the reason being, amy was about peace. she was about love. she was about unity. and to call for retaliation, in her name, that is not respectful to the family. >> as for authorities, they've not released details about the retalatory threats on social media. when they do, we will let you know. phillies, boy, they were hot. could they continue to beat up on the lowly braves? >> oh, sports next. ♪
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>> hard to depends on pitchers every night t got them. to atlanta defense not good for the phillies. they had to do everything right if they don't score a run. one of three errors, mikhail franco, in the first inning, and jared, not real good game, just four plus innings, freddie freeman with the homerun. at lan had a that who doesn't score many runs, four hits, atlanta wins it five-one. crazy play in the american league to texas, todd frazier, goes into the stands, he looks
5:40 am
like he catch the ball. he he does not look, comes out, covering his mouth because he cut his lip, requires five stitches. how much, texas does win the game over chicago. a record tying night, and a big night for ken hitchcock, the former flyers coach. st. louis beats dallas in dallas. how about this? up two-nothing in the first it, makes it three-nothing, they win the game six; and they win the series over dallas, that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> released at the university of nebraska football games may soon be a thing of the past. >> so, an omaha man suing the university to stop release of balloons after the corn huskers score their fins of the home game. says the balloons violate fedotenko role regulations, they also pose threat to wildlife and children. so far, there has been no comment from university officials. so we'll see what happens with that.
5:41 am
>> yes. >> some people i'm sure will be little upset. that's their way of celebrating. >> well with football there is so much tradition, it is authorities see some of the tradition goes. >> that's true. there will be a little fight. we have some new information this morning, it is about george zimmerman. what he is planning to do today at 11:00 a.m. with gun he used to shoot and kill trayvon martin, more on this after the break.
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ee .
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>> the front has just moved far enough south that we won't see any rain, at least that's the way it looks. high pressure has been fighting with this front all week to try to keep us dry, and that's been the case sometimes, but even when it is dry, we've been sock in with clouds just about every day. so, this is the cold front that's going to come through tomorrow. maybe touch off some thunderstorms, but, this is the situation, today. rain showing up on radar. over the ocean so don't have to worry about it, as we zoom into kent county delaware we see just little bit of rain, at the jersey shore, looking ahead, mix every sunday and clouds throughout the day, cloudier further south you go, and any rain looks like it will stay away, throughout the day today, now, we move into fry morning. and you see by 8:00, central part of pennsylvania so this may be a situation where it comes through early enough it,
5:45 am
may not mess up the phillies game or the evening rush hour, we'll see what happens. but it looks here like everything is cleared out of here. well before 9:00. now, we look at saturday. because there is a secondary cold front. that's going to move through. it will casino of mess up saturday afternoon, for some, so be prepared for some rain in the afternoon, whatever you have got going on, maybe even thunderstorm or two as the second cold front and this one has much cooler air behind it. so you really feel the difference on sunday, right now, temperatures 57 degrees, in the city, we have some 40's to the north of us, where skies are clear. seventy-five today. 70s tomorrow and saturday. but only 60 degrees for high temperature on sunday. so, we have our event at the art museum, living beyond breast cancer, we will do yoga, with jackets on, i think, sunday morning, but we will all be out there for the great cause. then gradual warming trends as we go into the middle of next week. that is your weather authority forecast. bob kelly, somebody having some big problems this morning?
5:46 am
>> yes, little fender ben err, good morning, 5:45. live look at the schuylkill expressway, an accident in the westbound lanes approaching conshohocken. so down to one lane here. they got the flares out. you got the tow truck on the scene. again, this is westbound, and that quick, when you take the schuylkill down to one lane, already, bumper to bumper from pretty much gladwynn all the way out and around your conshy curve and it is right before that 476 interchange. again, that's on the westbound side. little hazy out there this morning. sue just showed us, on some of her cameras, here is a live look at the vine expressway downtown. so, make sure those headlights are on. you may not have had your lights on at this hour the last couple of days, but you will need them this morning. nascar weekend, down at the dover speedway. so we will see a lot of extra volume for the folks into and out of dover. even if you are not going to the races, you know the deal down here along route one, and route 13, also, today, is the arrival day for everybody that's going to be taking part in the dad vail regatta.
5:47 am
so see the big both making their way on 95 and the schuylkill, in toward the kel i have drive, then both tomorrow and saturday the races take over the river. and of course the shut-down of the kelly drive in both directions. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> thanks so much, bob. in delaware the state division of public health reports three nor flu related death for the flu season, bridges the total for the 2015-2016 season to six, three new deaths include two new catholic county residents, 42 year old woman from sussex county. state officials say the season much less deadly than last year, 28 people died in the first state in the previous flu season. >> new study fine too much fowl ache in pregnant women inch kree cents rates for autism. preliminary research from johns hopkins bloomberg school of public health. found if new mother has very high level of folate after giving birth, more than four times what's considered adequate, the risk that her child will develop autism disorders doubles. the researchers in this study very clear they are not
5:48 am
arguing against folic as i had. trending now, today, george zimmerman put the pistol he used to shoot 17 year old trayvon martin up for auction. he calls the weapon a piece of american history. and the items description on gun broker. com, on line auction website for firearms, bidding has started at $5,000. >> that's the actual posting right there. we will scroll down so you can see some of the pictures, in his actual words, you might remember back in 2013, zimmerman was found not guilty of second degree murder and manslaughter in the death of the 17 year old. after the trial, he recently got that gun back. >> first of all, who wants to own this? what would you do with it if you had it? >> well here is the deal. he says on this positioning, now is your opportunity to own a piece of american history. then he wishes perspective bitters good luck, and honored and hum tonight honor icon. >> trayvon martin's family
5:49 am
reminds he was 17 years old, unarmed, when shot to death with this weapon. martin's family has not made comment about it, zimmerman did make comment and said about those who would protest this, he said, well, they are not going to be bidding ton so i couldn't careless about them. >> and then he said he is selling the gun partly to raise funds to fight what he calls hillary clinton's anti- firearm rhetoric. >> interesting. >> interesting is a word for it. it has become political. >> i have another word for it. this guy is a dope. >> mike jerrick chiming in. >> a lot people would say that. >> just go to canada oring? just go away. >> you brought uphill hill, speaking of her, she fires up a south jersey crowd. >> ♪ >> there is the microphone, couldn't even record it, that's called hat ha hot audio. presidential candidate held rally at camden county college. bernie sanders, her
5:50 am
competition for the democratic nomination, not so much in her sites. clinton targeting donald trump instead in blackwood yesterday. she said she will add trillions or he'll add trillions to the national debt in exchange for tax cuts for the rich. clinton also called on trump to release his tax returns. >> i bet we'll hear from her today about george zimmerman's comment. >> remember trump said he is worth ten boulevard. fortune magazine said it is more like maybe 3 billion. meanwhile, rival bernie sanders, shifting his attention elsewhere, spent the day in montana about 10,000 supporters turned taught see him in missouri yesterday. told the crowd that despite his recent victory he knows he has long way to go for the nomination. said he is going all the way to the democratic national convention held in the city of philadelphia in the month of july. presumptive gop nominee donald trump has now booked his first campaign fundraiser even though he said look i'll spend my own money. it is in los angeles, in a couple of weeks, his campaign
5:51 am
said high profile donor not yet named will be the person hosting this event. as far as runningmate, handful of people being considered, but his campaign not naming any of them at this point. >> i wonder if michael eugene jerrick is up -- >> i sat not run. >> you can't run for president, vice president. >> well, coy if i wanted to. >> well, i say you can't. do you have stay here with us. >> i'm staying here. if i am asked, i will not run. if i'm elected i will not serve. >> this will be interesting. i met this guy about eight months ago, his name is lenny. he was on that train a year ago that derailed in port richmond on the frankford junction. there he is right there. he still lives in plymouth meeting with his wife, child, now probably six years old. he still has nightmares. it was his first train ride. he was in the cafe car. and he still wakes up in the middle of the night going get
5:52 am
me out of here, get me out of here. he was trapped in that cafe carp. but he is a live to talk about it a year later. then listen to there is you know by now, jenn fred is at the cankes film festival in the south of france. guess who she is interviewing right now? >> who? >> justin timberlake. >> really? >> producer jessica kline. >> there is timberlake. >> there he is. so, that interview going on right now, because what, six, seven hours ahead of us over there in the south of france. so we will at least have a still of the two of them together then probably run the whole thing tape tomorrow. >> what was i going to tell you about? >> empire? >> oh, empire last night? somebody got shot. >> what? >> spoiler alert. >> no. no, no. we new that was coming. >> okay? >> if you watch this show a lot you new that was coming you just didn't know who it was. and i have not revealed who it is. >> thank goodness. >> and i won't. >> people will be mad.
5:53 am
>> and i won't. then i have to explain something. i got this in the mail yesterday. a guy males me some binoculars, right? just out of the blue. binoculars. you have to read this. and he says, hey, mike, happy mothers day. >> what? >> best wishes, bill murphy. >> bill murphy, no relation. i'm surprised it is not from bill murray t sounds like a comedic bit. >> the guy lives in tabernacle, new jersey. >> happy mother day and here's binoculars. >> if you can figure out, what's this mean? binoculars. >> your mom raised in you kansas, you can see all the way to kansas with those. >> still ahead, scarry situation, light up shoes, damage left behind when a woman witness add pair of her dodd letters go up in flames.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:56. you know those light up shoes the little ones wear? when you take a step, know flash colors? well, a family in texas says those shoes actually started a fire. yes, houston mom says the light up shoes started a fire inside her car. thank goodness the little boy wasn't wearing the shoes, the passenger seat also melted. the fire marshall has not said officially what started the fire. the parent of the two and a half year old are just relieved the little kid wasn't hurt. but now they plan on contacting pay less where they
5:57 am
bought the 25-dollar shoes. >> today marks one year since the deadly amtrak train derailment. what government officials now doing to make sure this never happens again. and, the hunt is on for a man who escaped from police. what he was doing in custody for where he was. we'll let you know how he slipped away overnight. trying to make me eat my greens? no, just trying to save you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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5:59 am
yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. >> from the fox 29 studio this is "good day philadelphia". >> major impact on here.
6:00 am
we have people on the track. a couple of cars overturned. >> yes, it's been one year since the deadly amtrak train derailment here in philadelphia that killed eight people, more than 200 injured. we have one survivor. >> plus, lehigh county pediatrician is facing charges over what prosecutors say he did inside his exam room. what one mother's accusing him of doing while her child sat nearby. and this: >> social media is not your friend. the lies, the rumors, social media, they live longer than they should. >> this man asking for peace in the wake of what's being called social media war, why officials believe they could have another student tragedy on their hands. specially down in wilmington, good day everybody, it is thursday, may the 12th, 2016. >> how is everybody doing? >> i'm doing great. because i think i have


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